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Egoista Red Ash 152


The word “Egoista” means selfish, self-centered [from the Latin ?go, me]. Selfish is who sins of selfishness, the attitude of one who cares only about himself, for his well-being and his own usefulness, excluding anyone else.

So why this board’s name is Egoista? It’s simple: because when this board is on the slope, wants all the slope for itself! The generous width at the center and the peculiar shape with a large blunt nose and a soft moon-tail, combined with our freeride profile, increase the flotation at any speed, while ash structural elements and the positive core profile make this board performant also on groomed snow. Egoista is a “raducted” board that, despite the size of only 152cm, allows riders from 65 kg to 100 kg to conquer the slopes both in powder and in the ski areas.


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Additional infos

Size 152 - rider weight KG. 65-100 - rider feet EU 42-46

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